No matter what sleep challenge you have there is hope for you!

Sleep is about healing:

Healing every night means we  wake up in a good mood, happy, hopeful, curious, engaged and pain free. We don’t go to the doctor because there’s no reason to.

Not healing means your life is full of trips to the doctor, small or large health issues and mental anguish.

I want to show you how to fix your sleep, not just for the next few days or months, but for the rest of your life!

RightSleep® is an innovative approach for sleep repair.  Using vitamins that are readily available at any pharmacy,  you can improve your sleep disorder, whether it’s insomnia, chronic fatigue or apnea. All it takes is commitment, patience and a willingness to listen to your body.

Vitamins don’t just magically fix your sleep. Sleep puts us into “repair mode”, and the vitamins are the building blocks we use to make those repairs. Once you understand what is wrong with your sleep, and how to improve it, you will be able to live the life that you deserve. Reduce your headaches, improve your anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and many other chronic illnesses. Go to the Learning section to see how sleep and vitamin D are related to endometriosis, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome in women, learning delay, autism,  and ADHD in kids.

Here’s how to use this site:

First: Go to the Learning page to learn why I recommend what I do. If you’re science minded go to the For Clinicians page and read all of the publications there.

Second : There are no other clinicians to help you yet so I  have put together the  RightSleep® Workbook  to show you how to do it. The Workbook is your weekly guide through the first year, reminding you what to do and when to do it.

Third : If you feel that you still need more individual help go to the  Schedule   page and schedule a Virtual Coaching session with me.

For Health Practitioners:

Register for the Take Back the Night course

I feel great compassion for medical practitioners stuck in the current medical model. Many of us are unhappy because our patients are unhappy. We’re dissatisfied with patching problems instead of curing them.

Let me teach you how to add  RightSleep® to your practice. When our patients feel better, we feel better. Let me show you how to improve their sleep so you can be a more effective healer.

On the For Clinicians  page you can invite me to come teach you and your staff in person.

Recent Interviews :

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Chris Duffin of Kabuki Strength recently invited me for a podcast that you can find here.

Stan Efferding, (who is the coolest!) is a body builder and strength expert, has a wonderful ‘ten talk’ that features my ideas here:

If you would like to invite me to lecture to your group please contact me:


Here’s what clinicians are saying aboutRightSleep®:

“Learning about  the neurochemistry of sleep and how it’s gone wrong completely changed my approach.” Dr. RB

“For the first time we can treat the underlying cause of insomnia. ” Dr. JG

“Dr. Gominak answered so many of my questions, she gave me a new form of treatment that my patients love.” Dr. CW

“I now have something more than CPAP masks and addictive medications to offer my patients, it’s completely changed my practice!” Dr. KS