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No matter what sleep challenge you have, there is hope for you!

Learn the REAL reason you’ve been struggling with sleep and what you can do instead. 

Sleep is about healing

Healing every night means we wake up in a good mood, happy, hopeful, curious, engaged and pain-free. We don’t go to the doctor because there’s no reason to.Not healing means your life is full of trips to the doctor, small or large health issues and mental anguish.

I want to show you how to improve your sleep, not just for the next few days or months, but for the rest of your life!

RightSleep®is an innovative approach for sleep repair. Using vitamins that are readily available at any pharmacy,  you can improve your sleep disorder, whether it’s insomnia, chronic fatigue or apnea. All it takes is commitment, patience and a willingness to listen to your body.

Vitamins don’t just magically fix your sleep. Sleep puts us into “repair mode”, and the vitamins are the building blocks we use to make those repairs. Once you understand what is wrong with your sleep, and how to improve it, you will be able to live the life that you deserve. Reduce your headaches, improve your anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and many other chronic illnesses. Go to the Learning section to see how sleep and vitamin D are related to endometriosis, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome in women, learning delay, autism,  and ADHD in kids.

Begin your sleep repair journey

RightSleep® Workbook

Get sleep support for an entire year.

This workbook is designed to guide you through the RightSleep® method for a full year.

Currently only available in a digital version.
Bound version coming soon

The RightSleep® Video Series


A video series with Dr. Gominak to answer all your questions about the RightSleep® Method.

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Helpful Resources

Headaches & Migraines

Are you currently taking medicine for daily headache? 

Have you resigned yourself to the idea that you’ll have headaches for the rest of your life?

Another path is possible.

Vitamin D Units of Measure

D3 Pills:

D3 25OH Blood Tests:
(LC/MS not IA)

Children's Symptoms

If your child is suffering from symptoms of disrupted sleep, anxiety, attention disorder or Asperger’s medication isn’t the only solution.

New RightSleep® Workbook (2nd Edition) is AVAILABLE NOW!

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