Heal your body every night while you sleep

Online education and support for those who would like to optimize their sleep and their microbiome for better health and longevity.

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Optimize Your Sleep and Feel Better

No matter what sleep or health challenge you have, there is hope for you!

Thousands of people are sleeping better and feeling better with RightSleep, a self-guided program with peer support that helps you optimize both your sleep and your gut bacteria. Our gut bacteria play a large role in both our health and our sleep, and this program addresses both.

I'm finishing my third month and have gone from sleeping three hours a night for years to consistently eight or more.

Christine H.

I am in month 8 of Right Sleep and my sleep is much improved and even more importantly, my migraine headaches are hugely improved.

Donna K.

I’m 69 and been on it for more than a year. Every week a little better. I sleep now about 7.5 hours a night and rarely snore.

Linda N.

Optimize Your Sleep and Be More Successful

When my clients start to consistently sleep better they don’t just tell me about their improved sleep statistics, they tell me about the new business they just started, the master’s program they just enrolled in, or the new person they just met that seems like a perfect match.

They change their view of what is possible for them because they feel better.

My 87-year-old grandmother suffered from insomnia for decades. She is 90 now, has completed the program, sleeps great and has an energy level I envy.

Diana M.

My 82-year-old dad, has been on this protocol for 2.5 years. Before he was wondering if he was going to make it another year. Now he’s enjoying life because his sleep is so much improved.

Karen H.

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Dr. Stasha Gominak

Creator of RightSleep®

I’m Stasha Gominak, after closing my neurology practice of 30 years I decided to change professions and do what I love most; help people sleep better. RightSleep is a unique program that grew out of watching my neurology patients improve slowly just by sleeping better. They had fewer headaches, less pain, fewer seizures, less anxiety, and more motivation. To watch a video about how RightSleep got started go HERE.

RightSleep is a program you can complete on your own, using the RS Workbook (and journal), or with my help through personal coaching. But it is also a growing community of better sleepers who can help guide you to a better life. Thousands of us have used RightSleep to sleep better, feel better and  be more successful, and so can you!

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