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Schedule a “Getting to Know You” Session

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I am so excited about helping you sleep better and feel better! Take the next step,  book an introductory session with me. Click on the button above to schedule your appointment.

What will I get out of my Getting to Know You session with Dr. Gominak?

The half hour, face to face introductory session allows me to get to know you better.   We will discuss how the RightSleep® technique will help you overcome your sleep challenges and optimize your health.   At the time of Scheduling you will fill out a brief personal history form. After scheduling you will  receive a follow up reminder email with a Zoom link that is easy to use. The cost of the 1/2 hour appointment is $199.00. We will discuss which RightSleep Program would be ideal for you. 

**You must have a treating physician, either a specialist or a general practitioner who serves as your primary doctor. All of our work together is coaching and is information exchange only. It does not include any diagnosis of your medical conditions or specific medical  treatment recommendations. I do not accept any form of medical insurance as payment.

Getting the most out of our time together:

It is helpful to have a vitamin D3 25OH level (LC/MS technique) and a B12 level before our session. You can get both of these for a reasonable price through ordering online, the results come to you directly.

Before your appointment I suggest that you read all of the information  under  the Learning menu tab and watch all three videos. If you have even mild headaches, please read the entire Headache  section as well.   The more you learn before your appointment the more you will get out of the time that we spend together!

Additional Details:

Our coaching session will be done over Zoom either on computer or  smartphone. There will be a Zoom link in your appointment email.  If you have clarifying questions about the virtual platform or the meeting you may email me at 

I can’t wait to meet you and discuss how the RightSleep® technique can transform your life!

Our collaboration is an exchange of general information and in no way qualifies as medical care. I am unable to make specific diagnoses or recommend specific treatments for you due to medical licensing restrictions. You must have a doctor who is responsible for your medical care in order to take advantage of this virtual conversation. Your primary care physician/ or other specialists should always be considered to be the primary source of information about diagnosis , treatment, prescriptions and your personal medical conditions

The RightSleep® Workbook is AVAILABLE HERE!