Dr. Gominak wearing scarf

Dr. Gominak attended college in California and  medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, receiving her MD degree in 1983. She completed a Neurology residency in 1989 at the Harvard affiliated, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. From 1991-2004 she practiced as a general neurologist in the San Francisco Bay area.

In 2004 Dr. Gominak moved with her husband to Tyler, Texas and began to concentrate on treating neurological illness by improving sleep. She published a pivotal article in 2012 proposing that the global struggle with worsening sleep was linked to reduced sun exposure.

 In 2016 she followed with a second article linking the change in the intestinal microbiome to the epidemic of poor sleep, and described a simple process for normalizing sleep and the intestinal bacterial population, called RightSleep®. 

In 2016 she retired from neurology practice to have more time to teach. She currently divides her time between helping individuals, through virtual coaching sessions and teaching clinicians and coaches how to use RightSleep concepts to improve their patients’ health and well being.

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