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RightSleep® Basics

Get personal help with your sleep issues

The RightSleep®  method is an over-the-counter vitamin regimen that has worked to improve or normalize sleep in over 5000 patients. It works for all types of sleep disorders, from apnea to insomnia and everything in between. The key to success is being informed!

Read all the FAQ’s, the Blogs, and all the sections under See and Learn before you start, then download the RightSleep® Workbook and commit yourself to 6-12 months of observing how you sleep and how you feel.

Vitamins will not just magically make you sleep normally. Vitamins are the building blocks that your Sleep Switches use to repair themselves. Once the sleep switches repair themselves then you can start to sleep better and body repairs can be made. Within 2-3 months of starting RightSleep® you’ll  feel better, then there will be a set back or two. If you stick with it you will be able to permanently fix your sleep . People who haven’t slept normally for 40 years not should expect their repair process to be overnight.  If your body has 30 years of deferred repairs it will take many nights of improved sleep before you’ll feel good.

Months 1-3 (for details read See and Learn or the RightSleep® Workbook)

Labs you will need:

1) D3 25OH level

2) B12 blood level .

I recommend

This is the Vitamin D test to order:  Cardio IQ™ Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, LC/MS/MS

This is the Vitamin B12 test to order : Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) 


British Commonwealth Countries or EU countries; Self Testing Blood Spot kits 


Birmingham UK:


Vitamins you will need:

  • Vitamin D usually 2000 IU or 5000 IU gelcaps

  • B50 ( A specific form of ”B complex” which has 50 mg or 50 mcg of each of the 8 B vitamins).

  • B12 1000mcg if your B12 blood level is below 500pg/ml.

  • Multivitamin, (generic ok) with all 8 B’s in small doses and B5 dose of 10 mg.

If you have fibromyalgia or significant arthritis you should start with a single  B50 for one week.  If you still awaken with significant pain increase to one B50 in the morning and a second in the evening. The right dose is the dose that allows you to wake without pain. The pain will come later in the day. Arthritic pain takes weeks to improve as the joints slowly heal every night. Once you wake without pain notice when your joint pain starts, it should slowly move to later and later in the day.

Once the intestinal bacteria are back making B vitamins, (after three months of D level >40 ng/ml and B50) you must stop the B50 supplement. The healthy bacteria in your gut will be making your B vitamins and if you continue to take the B50 supplement you’ll be on a double dose, (which will start to interrupt your sleep and produce pain). Yes, the same thing that helped you originally is hurting you four months later!

Both vitamin D and B5 affect our ability to get perfectly paralyzed in deep sleep and can cause body pain if the dose is not right. Every time you feel old and stiff on awakening check the D level first, if the D is 60-80 ng/ml then then B5 dose is either too high or too low, (or you just fell out of a tree and you shouldn’t have been up there with that chain saw anyway).

Some people get nausea from multivitamins or B complex when they start RightSleep®.  If this happens take D by itself for 2-3 weeks, then try a small dose multivitamin and slowly work up by one multivitamin a week until you can tolerate one mvi plus B50 per day without nausea. You can also try a child’s chewable multivitamin with lower doses of all 8 B’s and slowly increase by one every couple of weeks until you are tolerating the equivalent of B50, then switch over to B50 plus the multivitamin.

If you have fibromyalgia, muscle pain, arthritis, or burning in the hands or feet you have pantothenic acid (B5) deficiency. Most  people who start vitamin D supplementation (without correcting the intestinal bacteria) eventually become B5 deficient and start to wake with pain in the morning.

The healthy, happy foursome species of intestinal bacteria require three months of a D >40ng/ml and B-50 to grow back. If it’s a couple of months before your D blood level gets to 40 ng/ml  you’ll have to take the B50 a while longer and you start counting the three months when your D gets above 40.

What to do in months 6-24 of RightSleep®:

A Vitamin D blood level that stays in the range of 60-80 ng/ml for months to years on end encourages the brain to spend more time in deep sleep to make long-deferred repairs. In order to make those repairs you need all 8 B vitamins. The B vitamins are the building blocks of repair. Never take B vitamins (except for B12) individually. The B vitamins have always come together in a specific relationship to one another and are very biologically intertwined. If you take one B you should take all of them.
In months 4-24 of D supplementation each person needs a specific amount of B5 based on how many repairs they’ve put off. The intestinal bacteria appear to make the exact amount of B’s needed by a normal human who never fell apart, but they cannot respond to a request to make more B’s for extra repairs. For your “bone on bone” joints, or your autoimmune disease to repair (to get back to being a normal human again) you will need slightly more B’s for a finite period of time.
With the right amount of B5 your body will get perfectly paralyzed during REM sleep and you will wake pain free.
Each person needs their own individual dose depending on how much extra REM repair they need. You will need to find that dose by moving B5 in 5 mg every couple days. Both above and below that “sweet spot” there is pain on awakening. Page 43 of the RightSleep® Workbook gives the details.
As the repairs get finished and you return to being a normal human you will need to lower the dose by 5 mg increments of B5. When all the repairs are finished you will no longer need vitamins in pill form (except for vitamin D). Patients with sleep apnea on CPAP will take much longer to complete this process and will need to stay on their mask until they are documented to have no apnea on their sleep study.

Get personal help with your sleep issues