Why RightSleep may help improve your outcome with corona virus

Many of the headlines today are about Vitamin D and the immune system, the immune system that will hopefully, protect you from getting Covid19.

There are four possible outcomes from a corona virus exposure, and you want the one that’s a result of following the RightSleep program, with an optimal D level and a healthy microbiome. Here’s why:

Scenario Number One: You get infected with the corona virus and you have no symptoms at all, don’t even know you had it. Your immune system did it’s job beautifully. It recognized the virus as a bad guy, killed it off and made antibodies to it to serve as a memory to be sure it can never sneak up on you again. If you have an antibody test, you test positive, you’ve been exposed, but you were never really sick. Hooray!!!  Your immune system was phenomenal!

This is you with an optimal vitamin D blood level, a normal microbiome, and a normal immune system.

Scenario Number Two: You get infected with the corona virus and you’re pretty sick but you make it through. Your immune system recognized the virus, made antibodies but it was a little slow to get going and your whole body was affected by the infection. You’re better now and your immune system is keeping a record to protect you. When you do an antibody test you’re positive but you absolutely remember that bad infection.

This is you with an weakened immune system, with a sub-optimal vitamin D blood level and a faulty microbiome.

Scenario Number Three: You get infected and get really sick and unfortunately your immune system is unable to protect you. You cannot defend yourself and you wind up on a ventilator in the ICU and sadly, pass away from the overwhelming effects of the virus.

This is you with a very low vitamin D blood level and a very abnormal microbiome. You’ve been operating with a marginal immune system for years and it couldn’t protect you.

Scenario Number Four: You get infected and don’t get very sick at first, but about 2 months later you get sick with an auto-immune disease. Your body has become ”allergic to itself”. In an effort to protect you, your immune system saw the virus and  made antibodies against it. But because your immune system is not completely healthy it makes a couple of mistakes and some of those antibodies attach to your tissues, it mis-recognizes your tissues as invaders and attacks them. Your immune system was never supposed to hurt you, but it’s been limping along for so long without the things it needed that it’s forgotten how to do it’s job and it over-reacted.

This is you with a very sub-optimal vitamin D blood level and a very abnormal microbiome. You’ve been operating with a marginal immune system for years and when it came down to it, it protected you, but it made some mistakes and now you have an ”auto-immune ” disease; you’re attacking yourself.

Our bodies, and our immune system were designed to work perfectly. Given the right building blocks and normal sleep our bodies sustain us for 75-100 years. Think of that!!! We are self-assembling and self-repairing for 100 years. We make a strong immune system while we sleep. We make all of our body repairs while we sleep. If we sleep normally we can live 100 years. Please read about RightSleep, learn about how to bring back your normal microbiome, it’s easy, it’s natural, it may help protect you in the future.


5 thoughts on “Why RightSleep may help improve your outcome with corona virus”

  1. Scenario four perfectly describes my experience of long covid. I am still recovering after 10 months. I fell onto a youtube talk given by Dr Gominak about a month ago and this has really helped. At that point I had increased a vitamin d supplement after bloods showed I was low and one key factor following that was improved sleep. When I watched the interview Dr Gominak talked about taking a vitamin b complex which I did and I have seen significant improvements in activity ability since then so thank you. I have had poor gut health for a number of years and have been trying to improve things but this is easier said than done.

  2. I finally got a scoliosis survey (Xrays) indicating my cervical and thoracic curves. I’m two months in to the protocol, and happened to get the SECOND Dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine at the end of the week of all these X-Rays. I went into anaphylaxis 36 hours AFTER the second dose. I’ve never gone into anaphylaxis in my life! The Protocol is working to get me out of pain. I am also seeing concerned mothers in scoliosis support groups online, stating that their child with scoliosis is testing low on seratonin and high in histamines. I sense there is some kind of correlation. I’ve added copious amounts of magnesium to my D3 protocol. Noting that Bee Pollen is claimed to reduce anaphylactic episodes. I carry an EpiPen, now. Feeling better, all-around. I am surprised by how many scoliosis patients do not realize they are most likely extremely low on Vitamin D3 and getting to the correct levels may help many of them get out of pain. Would like to see more research on the results. This protocol is working for me, in addition to adding 1000 mg of Magnesium per day, in small doses throughout the day. Thank you.

    • Hi Kathryn: Thanks for your comment. As you suspect, scoliosis is really a Sleep Disorder! Abnormal paralysis in sleep is what results in the curved spine, therefore the sleep should be addressed as well.
      To explain this idea: Every night children must get paralyzed in order to grow. We grow using a “growth crew” of chemicals. Under the supervision of the boss, Growth Hormone, tissue-specific hormones do their job; muscle growth hormone, vein growth hormone, bone growth hormone, etc. Each specific tissue in the arm has to grow at the same pace. Who’s supervising to be sure that our two limbs wind up the same length? The brain, of course, it knows what’s happening on both sides. But if we don’t get paralyzed equally the side that doesn’t get as paralyzed can’t grow properly. The curve results from lack of equal paralysis and equal growth of the spinal tissues during sleep. Your description of all the other findings on the scoliosis website points to the other, underlying immune issues that come hand-in-hand with the abnormal paralysis that leads to the formation of scoliosis.

      Also, scoliosis is not painful. The pain is from inappropriate movement and inadequate repair of the region around the scoliosis. Therefore surgery does not necessarily relieve pain, but sleeping normally does.


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