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Webinars and Podcasts

August 2022

Webinar about RightSleep and Childhood Mood disorders.

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Podcast interview with Lindsey Parsons

The Perfect Stool Podcast

Listen to the podcast here:

March 2022

Podcast interview about Sleep and Vitamins on Dr. Ruscio Radio

Listen to the podcast here:

Do Vitamins for Sleep Really Work?

February 2022

Conversation with Craig Stewart about the benefits of Vitamin D

Craig Stewart

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January 2022

Sleep Disorders and frequent Headaches Interview with Tara Clancy, M.A.

Counterfeit Sleep Podcast with Dr. Gominak

Listen to Podcast.  The interview starts at 8 minutes into the podcast.

Episode 48

Interview with Deepa Kannan, FNLP, on the Sleep Whisperer Podcast


May 2021

Sleep and Emotional Disorders in Childhood. Interview with Dr. Jakowski of Educational Impact Academy

Dr. Karin Educational Impact Academy

Listen to the podcast:

May 2021

Interview with Dr. Lin, an Australian dentist and oral airway expert, to discuss Vitamin D and Sleep.

February 2021

Brand new interview with Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health

Mike is one of the best Health Experts and interviewers online.

In this interview we cover updated ideas about D, microbiome, sleep and Covid

December 2020

Tale of Two Hygeneists Podcast

A Tale of Two Hygienists

Interview on December 23, 2020

October 2020

Dr. Michael Bennet

Dr. Michael Bennet

Interview on October 1, 2020

May 2020

Dr. Steven Park

Interview Number Three with Dr. Park

April 2020

A Tale of Two Hygienists

Interview April 20, 2020

Dr. Stasha Gominak discusses Vitamin D, B, and her new RightSleep workbook – Live



March 2020

Interview with Tara  A. Clancy, The Sleep Sensei

January 2020

Interview with Dr. Joe Mercola about D / microbiome and sleep.

December 2018

James Geering Behind the Shield a website dedicated to the health of first responders

Podcast 159 : Sleep disorders of shift workers

August 2018

Interview One: August 10 2018 Why vitamin D is important for sleep

Interview Two: August 17 2018 Microbiome and Sleep, Why such debate about vitamin D?

Dr. Steven Park  8/27/2018 podcast regarding vitamin D the microbiome and sleep

March April 2018


Interview One : March 2018 : The Sleep Disorder that Causes Parkinson’s Disease

Interview Two: April 2018: How to Repair the Sleep Disorders of Parkinson’s Disease

October 2017

Chris Duffin the Mad Scientist of Strength. Kabuki Strength

StrengthChat #43: How to Hack your Sleep to Make you the Strongest Possible You.

Mike Mutzel High Intensity Health

#203: Stasha Gominak, MD-Low Vitamin D, Sleep, Gut Bacteria


Stan Efferding the White Rhino

RHINO’S RHANT – ‘TEN TALKS’ – R.E.M. “The King Of The Jungle”

Sleep Body Building and Health

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