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Get personal help with your sleep issues

January 2020

Interview with Dr. Joe Mercola about D / microbiome and sleep.

December 2018

James Geering Behind the Shield a website dedicated to the health of first responders

Podcast 159 : Sleep disorders of shift workers

August 2018

Interview One: August 10 2018 Why vitamin D is important for sleep

Interview Two: August 17 2018 Microbiome and Sleep, Why such debate about vitamin D?

Dr. Steven Park  8/27/2018 podcast regarding vitamin D the microbiome and sleep

March April 2018


Interview One : March 2018 : The Sleep Disorder that Causes Parkinson’s Disease

Interview Two: April 2018: How to Repair the Sleep Disorders of Parkinson’s Disease

October 2017

Chris Duffin the Mad Scientist of Strength. Kabuki Strength

StrengthChat #43: How to Hack your Sleep to Make you the Strongest Possible You.

Mike Mutzel High Intensity Health

#203: Stasha Gominak, MD-Low Vitamin D, Sleep, Gut Bacteria


Stan Efferding the White Rhino

RHINO’S RHANT – ‘TEN TALKS’ – R.E.M. “The King Of The Jungle”

Sleep Body Building and Health

Get personal help with your sleep issues

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