What my clients are saying

Stasha, thank you for this Strategy Session follow-up summary email, it will help me immensely as I work this..I will continue to follow your many interviews and will re-acquaint myself with your website/info…appreciate your curiosity, humility, intellect, and passion for this important work for so many…thank you! 

Strategy Session Client  – Frank F

Dr. Stasha Gominak is a ground breaking visionary in the area of the Vitamin D and Sleep connection. In fact she is the only one I’ve heard it from. I bought into her detailed research and recommendations and I have never slept better. And every one of my sleep patients gets tested, counseled and supplied after we have successfully opened their airway during sleep. She has improved my quality of life and I am glad to be able to pass it on to my patients.
Dr David Slobinsky
Dr. David Slobodinsky
My name is Dr. Jay Khorsandi, I am a dentist in the Los Angeles area. I treat patients with snoring and sleep apnea. I just wanted to thank and recommend Dr. Stasha Gominak for what she has done in her field and the training that she has provided to me. The insight and connections between her program and poor sleep have transformed the way I treat patients.

Americans are more sleep deprived than ever and her recommendations regarding supplementation are ridiculously impactful. I put my entire staff, including myself, on her protocol and it was absolutely amazing how much better we felt. The improvements in our mood and immune strength are very tangible. If you are considering taking your sleep practice to the next level I would wholeheartedly recommend looking into Dr. Gominak's program.
Dr. Jay Khorsandi
Over the last couple of years I have become a D3 research junky and evangelist, which has subsequently led me on a long journey into learning about diet, nutrition and various metabolic processes involved with D3 and other micro-nutrients. At times it has been a bit daunting, to say the least. However, I am making headway and have discovered and learned sooo very much (always good thing). My goal is simply to improve my overall health. Each day, get a little better.

Thanks again,
Client LRJ
After a car accident, I developed a balance disorder, vestibular migraines, daily migraines, double vision, sleep apnea, plms, and teeth clenching during sleep. I have been sleeping 10 to 12 hours every day and still need frequent naps to get through the exhaustion. I have tried everything possible to get more energy to feel rested. I sleep better following your advice and I am noticing that the unbearable fatigue is lifting. I am also beginning to nap less and my depression has gone into remission. My migraines are also reducing. I wish I had found your site earlier.
Client KW
I've had great success improving my sleep and energy levels with Dr. Gominak's RightSleep program. When I first met with Dr. Gominak, I could tell right away she truly cared about improving my sleep. She gave me a lot of insight about what was causing my sleep problems and has taught me to be proactive in improving it. The program is working, and I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time.
Client DPK
I used to sleep poorly, and woke up with little energy and felt fatigued. I was chronically anxious, irritable and depressed. I suffered from the effects of IBS in an extreme way. I also lost 20 lbs in November 2016; my doctor feared I had malabsorption issues. I have worked with several healthcare professionals, but since starting Dr. Gominak’s Right Sleep program, everything has markedly improved. I sleep better than ever. I usually wake up feeling rested, energetic, and alert. I feel as though I am less likely to be anxious, irritable or depressed. I rarely experience IBS symptoms. I am back to a healthy weight.

What Works:

- Follow Dr. Gominak’s lead
- Consistently record relevant experiences in the workbook
- Write down/ record conversations with Dr. Gominak and study them
- Prepare a lot of questions for Dr. Gominak
- When needed, take a sleep aid that works
- Eat well and exercise anyway you can
- Remain very patient
- Believe in yourself and the evidence you will see and experience.
Client EZ
Ever since we got my son back on the vitamins (liquid form) bumped up a bit according to how are you guided and in the end of workbook 2, my son’s tics pretty much completely stopped within 1-2 days. He has now been on the vitamins for about 2 months. And his behaviors have been amazing. Like a new kid! He is so happy and positive and not walking around bothering people all the time, which is kind of what he was doing before. He is now using his excess energy to give us additional hugs and kisses all the time.

Pretty incredible!

Thank you so much!
Client NG