Test Your Knowledge

Once you’ve read through most of the site come back to see how much you’ve learned.

1. What is the best Vitamin D blood level for normal sleep?

a   10-40 ng/ml

b  20-50 ng/ml

c  30-100 ng /ml

d   60-80 ng/ml

2. Vitamin D blood levels are reported in which units?

a   milligrams

b   milliliters

c   International Units

d   ng/ml ( nanograms/ml) or (nmol/liter in countries other than the U.S.)

3. In the continental U.S. what months can we make vitamin D on our skin?

a   January through May

b   May through October

c   October through February

4. What units do vitamin D tablets come in ?

a   grams

b   milligrams

c   International Units

d   ng/ml

5.Its better to take a big dose of vitamin D daily than to worry about what the blood level  is.

a   true

b   false

6. Vitamin D is considered by some to be a “hormone” and others a “vitamin”.

a   true

b  false

7. Vitamin D 2 which is prescribed in 50,000 IU pills is the same as vitamin D3 which is over the counter.

a   true

b   false

8. Nocturnal animals that are not in the sun use vitamin D2 made from fungus that grows on food to fill their vitamin D needs.

a   true

b   false

9. Animals that are awake during the day all make vitamin D3 on their skin from sun exposure.

a   true

b   false

10. What nucleus of the brain stem is thought to be spontaneously activated by the migraine gene mutations?

a   trigeminal nucleus caudalis

b   dorsal horn for C2-C4

c   both

11.  Migraines are genetically linked to

a   Calcium channel mutations

b   Magnesium channel mutations

c   Sodium channel mutations

d    a and c

12. Women who wake with a headache every morning are just whiny and want attention.

a   true

b   false

13.  Women with daily headache often have other medical complaints such as:

a   irritable bowel syndrome

b   painful periods

c   polycystic ovarian syndrome

d   sleep disorders

e   all of the above

14. The astrocytes are cells in the brain that play baseball in  Houston, Texas

a   true

b   false

15. The astrocycte neurovascular unit

a   connects chemical messages from the blood stream to neuronal receptors in the brain

b   makes up the blood brain barrier

c   explains the parallel observation of spreading electrical and blood flow changes observed in migraine

d   is probably  where the migraine channel mutations are expressed

e   all of the above

16.  Migraine sufferers have headache because they “just can’t deal with stress”

a   true

b   false

17.  Sleep disorders and migraine frequency are linked in people who carry migraine gene mutations

a   true

b   false



1.d    2. d    3. b    4. c    5. b    6. a    7. b    8. a    9. a    10. c    11. d    12. b    13. e    14. b

15. e    16. b    17. a