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Take Back the Night



Saturday May 12th and Sunday, May 13th   2018. 

Held at the beautiful Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort  Phoenix, AZ  

Set in the beautiful foothills of Phoenix,  the resort has horseback riding, golf, tennis, beautiful hiking trails, 6 pools and a marvelous water slide.  All rooms are suites and your family will enjoy this beautiful resort while you learn how to be the most satisfied caregiver with the happiest patients in your city.


The course is appropriate for clinicians of all types as well as motivated, well informed, non-clinicians who want to learn how to use this method to help their family and friends.

Course Topics:

■ Recent discoveries: Neurotransmitters, sleep and repair

■ Cholecalciferol and the brainstem sleep switches

■ Pantothenic acid, acetylcholine and the parasympathetic nervous system;  they run the  transitions between sleep phases

■ The intestinal microbiome and sleep.

■ Apnea, periodic limb movements and the neurotransmitters that control paralysis

■ Your new skill set makes your patients more successful. Your happy patients bring you more new referrals!

■  Incorporating the RightSleep®approach into your practice

Course Curriculum (pdf):

Take Back the Night 051218

There are a total of three hours of reading and three additional hours of video. Please start this assignment at least two weeks before the course!

1) Read all of the Learning section on Read all FAQ’s, sleep, vitamins and sleep, headaches, test your knowledge, and watch all three videos on Read all the sections of the blog. Clinicians should read all four articles under Publications. Staff should read the Oral Health Article in the same section. Clinicians will also read the Kandel and Schwartz Chapter on Sleep and Dreaming that I will provide.

2) You do not need to be formally boarded or trained in sleep. You do need a clinical practice in which you have attempted to treat chronic pain, fatigue and sleep problems.

3) All participants must bring their own vitamin D3 25OH blood level and B12 level (done within 1 month of the course).

May 12th  2018

8:00-12:00 noon

Sleep neurotransmitters.

Learning the brain stem sleep switches.

Vitamin D and Sleep

The intestinal microbiome B vitamins and sleep.

Sleep studies, what type and why?

Appropriate patients for RightSleep®


Review of RightSleep® ideas.

Vitamin D dosing. What do you need to know?

Guided management of sample patients.

D3 25OH  blood levels: testing options. Pantothenic acid becomes acetylcholine.

Q& A

May, 13th 2018


Review of RightSleep® ideas.


Greeting the patient,  sleep questionnaire,

Patient-staff interview.

RightSleep® sets you apart and brings in new patients.

VitalZzs can help with compliance.

The RightSleep® Workbook makes it easy

What to discuss with referring physicians.

RightSleep® makes you a community star!


Sample patients. ( All clinicians and staff will serve as sample patients.)


Wrap up, Q &A. Group access on RightSleep® GoogleGroups.