The RightSleep® Program

Experience a revolutionary, proven approach to restore your sleep.

This program includes:

The RightSleep Workbook

a proven proprietary process

Monthly Q&A

with Dr. Gominak

Private FB Community

for peer-to-peer support

+ Bonus Videos

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How Does RightSleep® Work?

In order to address how RightSleep works, let me first address popular misconceptions about sleep and how RightSleep is different.

It’s not uncommon in medicine for sleep problems to be labeled “your fault.”

You don’t exercise enough. Your bedroom isn’t right. You watch too much tv or you are on your computer too much, the list goes on.

Here is the truth: If you have normal brain function you will fall asleep and wake feeling rested, regardless of being on your computer, looking at your cell phone, or thinking “too much,”.

RightSleep will give you the tools your brain needs to get back to normal sleep!

Although giving your brain what it needs to go back to normal function includes vitamins, such as Vitamin D, this is not a one-size-fits-all vitamin recipe, since everybody is different.

The year-long program will show you not only what to do, but also how to listen to your body and assess your progress as you go, giving your body what it needs to heal.

The RightSleep® Process

Your path to healing moves through three phases over an average 1-year timeline.


In this phase, we are providing D and B vitamins to bring back your optimal gut bacteria, so that they will help you sleep.


In this phase, we optimize your D level to help you sleep better than you have previously, so you will start making long-term repairs.


Once your sleep is optimal, we will add more supplemental B vitamins to support your unique deferred repairs.

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I'm Dr. Stasha Gominak

Creator of RightSleep®

When you purchase the RightSleep Workbook (ahora en español) you will experience the sleep-healing method I discovered as a Neurologist while helping patients recover from a variety of devastating health conditions.

The RightSleep Workbook is a step-by-step, self-study program with weekly and monthly protocols to restore your sleep over a year. It shows you how to give your brain what it needs to do what it was meant to do — sleep well and heal your body every night.

Join thousands of people who have improved their health using RightSleep.

RightSleep® is right for you if you:

Join the program and Enjoy Immediate Access:

The RightSleep® Workbook

The workbook (ahora en español) features a step-by-step proprietary process that allows you to restore your sleep naturally through over-the-counter vitamins that restore your gut microbiome and lead to deeper, more restorative sleep.

The RightSleep program has helped not only MY quality of sleep...but my children's. I am so grateful and I want everyone to know about this!!

-- RightSleeper

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Monthly Q&A With Dr. Gominak

The Q&A is an exciting place to deepen your knowledge of cutting-edge sleep science; and get your specific questions answered by the creator of RightSleep.

The Q&A sessions are very enlightening. It takes a while to see the whole picture because the approach is so different than what others are teaching us about sleep.

-- RightSleeper

Private Facebook Group

The FB Community allows you to connect with other RightSleepers and share your experiences.

What's great about the FB groups is the ability to gain feedback and share experiences from others in the program.

-- RightSleeper

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Bonus Materials

Your access to the RightSleep Program includes past Q&A sessions, organized and archived for later viewing. They’ll help you learn more about the details of normal sleep and a normal microbiome. Program access also includes additional bonuses that help you adapt RightSleep for specific situations, like:

As new bonuses get included, you get access!

How Is RightSleep® Different?

RightSleep is not a one-size fits all vitamin "recipe".

Our initial goal is to get you out of a state of vitamin D deficiency. Since everyone starts at a different level of deficiency and moves toward the ideal range at a different pace, you’ll need to listen to your body to determine what’s best for you. The Workbook includes guidelines on how to do this, and also encourages you to customize based on your body’s unique response.

Success with RightSleep requires your participation.

A vitamin D level that is too high is just as problematic as a vitamin D level that is too low. How you’ll know if you are “out of range” is through a combination of blood testing and journaling observations of your symptoms and improvements. The Workbook describes how to do this in detail.

RightSleep is not a "quick fix" program - It's a lifestyle.

The initial phase of sleep repair typically takes one year, and you’ll continue to implement the principles of RightSleep as an ongoing practice for life.

The RightSleep® Program

Download Workbook to your computer

RightSleep Workbook (ahora en español) Monthly Q&A ,
Exclusive Community Support

$99 (One-time payment)


Upon purchasing — your receipt has a download link where you can open and view the Workbook immediately. But, it is a pdf and each time you open it on your phone will be counted as a download, ( # of downloads are limited) so you will need to download the Workbook to a computer in order to use it. You will also receive an email with a download link later, if you don’t see it PLEASE check your spam folder. If you want a printed, bound copy request one on the contact page.

The live Q&As occur the fourth Thursday of each month at 4pm CT, and are generally released for later viewing 2-4 days after the live session occurs.

Once you join the program, you’ll be added to our members-only email list. Once a month, we send out an email asking for questions for the Q&A. All you have to do is reply to this email with your question. Then, we will review submitted questions and select the most common questions.

Mouth and throat anatomic issues can affect sleep. They are usually accompanied by vitamin deficiency issues that are helped by RightSleep. Optimal success comes by fixing both.

Yes, RightSleep can still improve your sleep. Once you’re sleeping better, try the CPAP again and you may have more success. For apnea the best results come from using CPAP and RightSleep.

Yes, RightSleep has helped thousands who suffer from severe, long-standing insomnia.

Yes, headaches are directly linked to sleep. Improve your sleep with RightSleep and you can live headache-free.

Yes, the real answer is that everyone who stops sleeping normally begins to age faster. RightSleep can help you sleep better and feel younger.

Every pregnancy uses up your vitamins. Your sleep and your child’s sleep can both be improved by following RightSleep.

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