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RightSleep Workbook (Bound)


Once you’ve spent the time reading the information provided on this site and decided to follow the RightSleep method: Order the RightSleep Workbook: It will be your guide through the next year and your key to success!!


RightSleep® Workbook (Printed and Bound).

The Workbook is designed to help guide you through the RightSleep® method for a full year. It tells you everything you need to do, everything you need to buy, every lab test to order and when. It includes a section called  RightSleep® Fundamentals that boils down the basic ideas of what you are doing and why.

The workbook also serves as a place to store all of your lab results and your observations for the year.  It allows you to graph your D level, your sleep scores and your pain level on a single page to understand how they affect each other.

If you think you would benefit from individual help go to the Schedule page to Schedule an introductory session with me. Together we will design a program specifically for you and your needs.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .45 in

1 review for RightSleep Workbook (Bound)

  1. Linda Kaye


    I contacted you via Facebook recently. I am still interested in having a session with you and trying your method. However I have M.E and do not currently tolerate supplements very well. Would I need to take high doses of the vitamins could you please tell me? I notice you say to
    Start with a child’s multi…Vitamins can be stimulating for my nervous system plus give me indigestion. many thanks

    • Dr. Stasha Gominak

      You can still do RightSleep you just have to add back the B vitamins and the multivitamin slowly over time while listening to your body. Vitamin D plays such a large role in stomach function that not being able to digest vitamins is a common complaint for those have been sick a long time. The vitamin D that you’re adding helps the stomach return to functioning normally. Then eventually you will be able to add the B vitamins without belly complaints.

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