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Notice: Coaching Practice Currently Full

Dr. Gominak’s coaching practice is full. She is not currently available for personal appointments.

However, the most comprehensive details of how to follow the RightSleep program to sleep better and feel better are in the RightSleep Workbook.

If, after purchasing the workbook, you’d still like 1-1 support, you can visit the Clinicians Near You page. There you will find other health professionals who are interested in the RightSleep program and have completed a two-day RightSleep for Clinicians course. Each professional listed there has their own primary area of expertise, many are sleep dentists.

Disclaimer: This listing of association does not constitute a medical referral. It provides no guarantee of outcome or level of competency of those health professionals listed. As always, your primary care physician or other specialist should be considered to be the primary source of information about all medical diagnoses, treatments, prescriptions and your personal medical conditions.