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What would it feel like to have  one satisfied patient after another? The two-day Take Back the Night course will fully equip you to  implement RightSleep® in your practice .

Help your insomnia patients without addictive medications. Learn how to use RightSleep® to improve  outcomes with CPAP or oral appliances. Those are just two examples of what you will learn!

Take Back the Night

will be  held in Phoenix at the beautiful

Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort

Saturday and Sunday, Feb 24th and 25th 2018 .

February is high season in  Phoenix so make your reservations soon.

Mention RightSleep or Take Back the Night for your discounted room rate.


Christmas Bonus: If you register before 12/25/17!

Clinicians: $997.00

Team Members $450.00

After December 25 , 2017:

Clinicians $1,200.00

Team Members  $550.00

Course Curriculum , Required Reading and Registration Form:

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Other Opportunities to Learn RightSleep®

Bring RightSleep® to your practice :

I am also available to host a RightSleep® course at your practice location: Read about how to bring the Take Back the Night 022018 RightSleep®course to your office to train your entire team. To schedule a RightSleep®  course  fill out the contact information below in “To host a RightSleep® course at your practice:”.

Course Topics:

■ Recent discoveries: Neurotransmitters, sleep and repair

■ Cholecalciferol and the brainstem sleep switches

■ Pantothenic acid, acetylcholine and the parasympathetic nervous system;  they run the  transitions between sleep phases

■ The intestinal microbiome and sleep.

■ Apnea, periodic limb movements and the neurotransmitters that control paralysis

■ Your new skill set makes your patients more successful. Your happy patients bring you more new referrals!

■  Incorporating the RightSleep®approach into your practice

Course application and description:

Course Description

Course Application


click on the underlined portion to download pdf

1)”The world epidemic of sleep disorders is linked to vitamin D deficiency.” Authors: S.Gominak, W.Stumpf. Med Hypotheses. 2012 Aug;79(2):132-5.

2)  “Vitamin D deficiency changes the intestinal microbiome reducing B vitamin production in the gut.” Med Hypotheses. 2016 Sep;94:103-7

3)  “The Commensal Relationship of the Normal Human Colonic Microbiome: We supply them with vitamin D they supply us with B vitamins.”

4) “Vitamin D Supplementation results in Secondary Pantothenic acid Deficiency producing Sleep Disruption, Pain and Neuropathy.” 

5) Oral Health: The Next Step in Sleep Dentistry: Is There Anything We Can Do For The Ones Who Don’t Have Apnea?


Here’s what clinicians are saying aboutRightSleep®:

“Learning about  the neurochemistry of sleep and how it’s gone wrong completely changed my approach.” Dr. RB

“For the first time we can treat the underlying cause of insomnia. ” Dr. JG

“Dr. Gominak answered so many of my questions, she gave me a new form of treatment that my patients love.” Dr. CW

“I now have something more than CPAP masks and addictive medications to offer my patients, it’s completely changed my practice!” Dr. KS