For Clinicians

The next RightSleep® course will be March 2018 . Please email me below to be notified of the location and dates.

Clinicians $1,200.00 Team Members  $550.00

I am also available to host a RightSleep® course at your practice location:

Learn how to use RightSleep® to improve your outcomes with CPAP or oral appliances. Help your insomnia patients with without addictive medications.

Course Topics:

■ Recent discoveries: Neurotransmitters, sleep and repair

■ Cholecalciferol and the brainstem sleep switches

■ Pantothenic acid, acetylcholine and the parasympathetic nervous system

■ The intestinal microbiome and sleep.

■ Apnea, periodic limb movements and the neurotransmitters that control paralysis

■ Your new skill set makes your patients more successful. Your happy patients bring you more new referrals!

■  Incorporating the RightSleep®approach into your practice

Course application and description:

Course Description

Course Application


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Medical Curriculum Vitae

Oral Health: The Next Step in Sleep Dentistry: Is There Anything We Can Do For The Ones Who Don’t Have Apnea?