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Vitamin D and Skin Cancer

Sun exposure signals the deeper layers of the skin to make melanin. Melanin is then sent up to the surface layers of the skin to protect us, like a little black umbrella. Melanin makes us

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Vitamins Can Hurt You!

Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. You would never dream of taking a neighbor’s thyroid pills or insulin or prednisone on a whim. You should think of vitamin D in the same way.

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Food Sources of vitamin D3

Vitamin D is one of the oldest hormones we know of. Plants and fungi make vitamin D2 , also called Ergocalciferol. It is similar to our vitamin D and probably older but it is not what

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More Repairs, More Vitamins

While we are in deep sleep we make repairs. Every repair requires vitamins. Every cell in our body uses the B vitamins to make energy. Some B vitamins are used to make proteins or nucleic

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