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I am so excited about helping you sleep better and feel better! Take the next step,  book a virtual coaching session with me.

Our virtual coaching session will provide :

Step by step guidance on how to use the RightSleep® technique to overcome your sleep challenges and optimize your health.

Customized feedback and Q & A time to understand your sleep challenges.

Clarified next steps to help you shift your sleep over the next year and keep it healthy over time.


You will be asked to fill out a brief personal history form for me to review before your appointment. You must have a treating physician, either a specialist or a general practitioner who serves as your primary doctor. Due to state licensing requirements this coaching session is for the purposes of information exchange only. It does not include any diagnosis of your medical conditions or specific treatment recommendations.*

Required Reading:

Before your appointment I request that you read all of the information  under  the Learning section all the FAQs,  the Do I or my Child have a Sleep Disorder?,  Vitamins and Sleep sections and watch all three videos. If you have any, even mild headaches, please read the entire Headache Learning section as well.  After you schedule you will  receive a follow up email with a pdf copy of the RightSleep®Workbook. Please read pages 2-24 and 70-77 of the Workbook before your appointment. The more you learn before your appointment the more you will get out of the time that we spend together. A printed/bound copy of the RightSleep®  Workbook  is included in your coaching session and will be mailed to you soon after you have scheduled your appointment. It will  be your weekly guide to success with RightSleep®  for  the next full year.

*I am licensed in both Texas and California. Residents of TX and CA can be seen in virtual medical consultation over Skype or  Zoom. The scheduling procedure is the same, click on the Schedule link above, payment will occur by credit card at the time of scheduling.

I do not accept any forms of insurance.


Additional Details:

Our one  hour coaching session can be done over Skype or Zoom, telephone on Face Time or Duo if you have an android based phone. If you have clarifying questions regarding our meeting before your appointment you may email me at

I can’t wait to meet you and discuss how the RightSleep® technique can transform your sleep!

Our collaboration is an exchange of general information and in no way qualifies as medical care. I am unable to make specific diagnoses or recommend specific treatments for you due to medical licensing restrictions. You must have a doctor who is responsible for your medical care in order to take advantage of this virtual conversation. Your primary care physician/ or other specialists should always be considered to be the primary source of information about diagnosis , treatment, prescriptions and your personal medical conditions.