For Clinicians

 Two Day RightSleep®  Course

RightSleep® is a scientifically based method shown to be successful in over 5000 patients.
This carefully supervised vitamin replacement technique will benefit your patients with insomnia, apnea, unexplained fatigue, headache and chronic pain,  just to name a few.

The RightSleep® course will provide you with:
1)  A better understanding of the connection between chronic disease and poor sleep.

2)  An in-depth understanding of  the vitamin replacement protocol that will improve your patients’ sleep and therefore their health.

3) A rewarding treatment strategy for the patients whose sleep issues are not related to apnea. Unexplained fatigue, morning pain and insomnia have all been ignored because we’ve had nothing to offer.

Give your patients hope with this new avenue of treatment.


You may print out the course application and description and scan them back to me at

RS Course Description held at Your Office

RS course application in your office



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