More Repairs, More Vitamins

While we are in deep sleep we make repairs. Every repair requires vitamins. Every cell in our body uses the B vitamins to make energy. Some B vitamins are used to make proteins or nucleic acids that repair our DNA. Vitamin D goes into the nucleus of the cell and tells it to make specific […]

Vitamins Can Hurt You!

Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin. You would never dream of taking a neighbor’s thyroid pills or insulin or prednisone on a whim. You should think of vitamin D in the same way. Just because vitamin D is available without a prescription does not mean that the powers that be really know what […]

Healthy Bacteria Healthy Sleep

Bad sleep is not the only epidemic of the last 40 years. There is also an epidemic of the “wrong” intestinal bacteria. The bacteria that live in our intestine have been under extensive study by scientists. Despite telling us that most of us have the “wrong” bacteria and that those “wrong“ bacteria are harmful to […]

What is Healthy Sleep?

We all think we know what sleep is because we all sleep.  Actually, most of us sleep. There are people who don’t sleep. Because they don’t sleep they are slowly dying. Sadly, they feel like they’re dying. Most people who don’t sleep have asked for help but because we don’t know why they don’t sleep […]