Why the Vitamin D Dose is Different for Each Person and Changes Over Time.

While we are in deep sleep we make repairs. Every repair requires vitamins. Every cell in our body uses the B vitamins to make energy. Some B vitamins are used to make proteins or nucleic acids that repair our DNA. Vitamin D goes into the nucleus of the cell and tells it to make specific proteins. To repair every tissue we have to repair every cell. We make cell membranes, cellular scaffolding, cellular transport systems. We repair every little organ in the cell. To give you an idea of what is going on inside your cells go to : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDZLiZB0iPY

It is a beautiful, animated video about the complexity of your cells made by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. A trip inside the cells of your body shows you just how complicated their daily life is. When we don’t sleep we put off repairs. Every night that we don’t sleep normally our brain makes a check list of the things that didn’t get done. Once we get into deep sleep again we will need enough vitamins to make the repairs that we put off. Once there are many months of normal sleep and all the “extra repairs” have been successfully made we arrive at “normal nightly maintenance”. At this point the amount of vitamins used every night becomes less and we’d better reduce the amount of supplemental vitamins we take. (See following blogs about what happens when we take more B vitamins than we need.)

In the patient examples given in the blog “Vitamins Can Hurt You!” both Steven and Evelyn have vitamin D blood levels of 20ng/ml, but their stories are very different. Because Evelyn has been sicker longer it might take bigger vitamin D doses for a much longer period of time for Evelyn to get her D level up to 60 ng/ml. When Steven got his D level to 60 ng/ml  he started to sleep better right away, but Evelyn’s sleep switches have been D deficient for so long that they have many repairs to make, so it will take much longer for Evelyn’s sleep to become normal even after her D level is 60-80 ng/ml. She is much more likely to require a CPAP mask or an oral appliance or sleeping pills to get her brain to sleep normally. Then, once the sleep switches are fully repaired she may need to lower the pressure on the CPAP machine or lower the dose of the sleeping medications.

In order to help yourself using the techniques described on this site you MUST be able to do vitamin D levels frequently. YOU must observe your own body and make records of what you did and what blood level resulted. The vitamins are only a part of the picture and none of the information on this site will fix a person who isn’t willing to put in many months of commitment.


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  1. Wow, this is amazing stuff! Very informative, and it all makes complete sense! It’s nice to see that this information is being explored and shared. I just got a wonderful, new mattress that has helped tremendously with sleep…now my next mission is to increase my Vitamin D levels so that I can get my LPR/silent reflux under control, hopefully. Thank you!

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