Learning about Sleep

For the last ten years of my practice as a Neurologist I puzzled over why my patients were so sick and in so much pain. They were following my recommendations, they were taking their medications but they were not getting better and staying better. Then I started to ask more questions about sleep. I learned that if I could improve my patients’ sleep we could have much better outcomes. Eventually I made several important observations about sleep and vitamins. Those have been published as hypotheses, they link specific vitamin deficiencies to sleep disorders. They propose a new way to think about chronic illness; as insufficient repair during sleep. See the For Clinicians page for those publications.

RightSleep® is a revolutionary methodology.  Using vitamins that are readily available at any pharmacy people struggling with everything from headaches, stress, fatigue and insomnia can not only sleep better, they can heal better, overcoming pain and illness that has plagued them for years.

RightSleep® is about more than feeling awake the next day. Although that is a great benefit, having healthy sleep is about giving our bodies important time to heal every night.

I envision a world where providers come together with patients to collaboratively facilitate lasting healing whenever possible. RightSleep®acts with you in mind, taking into account how you are feeling, what you are observing, and what does and does not work for you. It supports you in attempting to live without medicines, unless they are absolutely essential.

Just imagine that we only had to see our doctors once a year because we were able to  heal our own bodies every night (through healthy sleep). I deeply care about you and your ability to conquer the pain and illness that has challenged you up to this point.

I also feel great compassion for medical practitioners who are increasingly frustrated by a system that stifles their ability to really serve their patients. Are you a clinician?  I retired in 2016 so I could teach others. I would like to show you a way to help your patients sleep and feel better. What would it feel like to have one patient after another tell you that they were sleeping better and feeling better and were hopeful about your ability to decrease their medications and their pain? Go to For Clinicians  to sign up for a RightSleep® course or to invite me to come and teach you and your staff in person.